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Community, a la BK

As I watched the season 5 finale of 24 last night (Jack's been captured by the Chinese government, by the way - here comes season 6), I was struck by the image / sound of a new foray into advertising by a long-term fixture in the marketing world.

My only question, while watching the telly, was whether it has the legitimacy to succeed.

I'm talking about Burger King's latest campaign that includes a page on MySpace.

I could be wrong, but I think that this is a new initiative for BK (aka the BK Lounge), and I wonder how well it's going to be received by those key members at MySpace.

Just a few weeks back, Jordan posted about California gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides joining the MySpace phenomenon in an effort to 'reach out to the community.' There have been mixed reviews about this kind of thing - whether he's really engaging them in conversation; whether this is more of a positioning thing than a legitimate page; etc.

My question in this post is whether Burger King will be (a) welcomed with open arms to the MySpace community, (b) shunned with total disgust, or (c) passed over with complete indifference.

My take is dependent on what BK decides to do now that they're there. Open the conversational floodgates, and I say good on 'em. Stay static and fail to engage, and I say beat it.

How about you?


Ryan you're exactly right, it's going to depend on whether or not BK wants to reach out to MySpace members as to whether or not this will succeed.

The bottom line is, they are starting out with 2 strikes against them, because when you tell your typical MySpace user that Burger King has a MySpace page, the reaction is going to be 'Oh gawd....MySpace is really starting to suck', so the guys and gals at BK are going to have to be VERY smart.

If they are simply wanting to run an online commercial for BK, this will crash and burn big time.

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